Some precious fruit trees were most planted in Vietnam


We can plant many kind of fruit trees in Vietnam because of tropical climate. However, most of people don't know that some fruit trees in Vietnam are specially precious. So let's find out with us! what are kind of these fruit trees?

1. Durian fruit

As a king of fruit trees, durian is sold everywhere from traditional market, fruit store to supermarket in Vietnam. Durian has thick shell, big yellow meat covered seed and a very special smelling. This smelling is many people’s favourite, but also is many people's scary smelling.


Durian has huge nutritional value. It supply potassium, iron, copper, ... and some vitamins which help to regulate heart rate, stabilize blood pressure and prevent aging very well.

As a precious fruit tree in Vietnam, so durian price is quite expensive.

 2. Rambutan fruit

Rambutan is the favourite fruit of many people when rambutan season coming because of yummy tasty and lots of vitamins contended. It is not only a good fruit, but also a good herbal.


Rambutan fruit supply a lot of nutrient included water, fiber, iron, vitamins A, B, C ... which are very good for health. Usually eating rambutan can help your skin, your body more beautiful and more digestible because of the high fiber content in rambutan.

    3. Long jackfruit fruit.

Long jackfruit is a new fruit trees has been planted for recent time in Viet Nam. Each fruit can be up to 45 cm long. Inside the long jackfruit fruit has very high percentage of meat. A lot of people find to try this fruits and become its fan fastly.


About nutritional value, the long jackfruit fruit supply very high level of sugar and vitamin C which provides energy for you to work in whole day long. Moreover, this fruit also provide much calcium, phosphorus, iron and fiber. These nutrients will help your digestive system become healthier.  

    4. Mangosteen

Mangosteen is a Vietnam's precious fruit tree. It is planted more and more in the South of Vietnam (specially on Mekong Delta). As a nutritious summer fruit contained minerals and special vitamin named xanthones which helps to strengthen the immune system, protect the body from health problems due to reduced immunity. In addition, the delicious taste and good smelling  make mangosteen become more and more precious fruit with everyone.


This is a crop with great  potential economic and highly exported ability, so mangoteen is encouraged to plant in many localities all over Vietnam.

    5. Grape Tree fruit (It Grows Fruits & Flowers Directly on The Trunk)

This grape is considered as a precious fruit tree in Vietnam because of its special feature is that when it comes to fruit, it does not come out in clusters like normal one, but the fruit turns into individual fruit sticking to the trunk directly. These are dark purple grapes,  very big fruits with a cool taste.


Grape fruit tree can be lived for long time and come fruit whole year, so it can help farmer get income as well.

About nutrient, grape tree fruit can help human body to improve their blood sugar content, be good for the digestive system and make human skin becoming smoother. Not only grape meat can be benefits but also grape peels can help preventing constipation and avoid allergies.

Those fruit trees above is not only Vietnam's precious crops but also a good resource bring to farmer a big income.

Thank you for following us.


Là một trong những loại trái cây được yêu thích bởi hương vị thơm ngon của nó, công dụng của mãng cầu xiêm còn khiến nhiều người bất ngờ chứ không đơn thuần chỉ là một loại trái cây, một món sinh tố ngon miệng.