The hobby about square shaped watermelon is never down

This season, farmers has been being busy to  produce for servìng the consumption market of "Year-end, New Year". In recent years, beside the tray of five-kind-fruits presented to worship grandparents on Tet holiday, it is very easily to see square watermelons is put beside traditional fruits. Let's find out about this special square watermelon with us!


Vietnamese must heard about the story of Mai An Tiem and the first watermelons in the South of Vietnam. As a berry and cool fruit, watermelon is very popular and loved by consumers. Watermelons comes in many different shapes, but the basic shapes are usually round and oval. In particular, round shaped watermelons are better preferred by consumers on Tet holiday with the meaning of fullness and vitality. Cutting a watermelon and enjoying with family in Tet holiday show a reuniting atmosphere and connecting family members together. However, in the modern life, the constraints of traditional meaning are more flexible, it helped square shaped watermelon can conquer consumers and create a new hobby for New Year.

Square shaped watermelon originated from Japan. Because round shaped melons are rolling easily, hard to transport and also quite occupied the space when preserving. From that hesitation, a Japanese farmer tried to press a melon into a square glass box when the fruit was a baby. The results after that melon becoming big are incredibly perfect, it turned to a square shaped melon. The price of square shaped watermelons from this Japan is about 2 million VND per one, but the quality is not as good as which melons from Vietnam. But in the first time come to Vietnam, this kind of melon is absolutely a luxurious hobby of the riches.

However, after a studying time, Vietnamese famers has been successful to produce square shaped watermelon to provide for domestic market with the cheaper price and better quality than others from Japan. .


Beside the square shaped, following the needs of market, farmer see that Vietnamese people really like which related to golden bar, golden things… which mean about rich and business’ developing. Vietnamese farmers try to turn watermelon into different shapes such as traditional golden bar, car, square shaped with lucky symbol… Base on these special watermelons, farmers can earn some million VND per one melon. Now melons help them have a very better life.   

Thank you for following us.

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