3 kinds of short-time-harvest fruit trees have high economic valuation


Nowadays, there are many kinds of short-time-harvest fruit trees can help farmer improve the life. In this article, we will show  you the 3 kinds of popular short-time-harvest fruit trees have high economic value and stable consuming in market.

1. Sành Orange (a kind of Green Orange).

Sành orange is a citrus fruit that is too much familiar with Vietnamese people from the past until now. Compared to regular oranges, Sành Orange has a thicker, darker green shell and looks grainy. they are usually very succulent, with a very sweet and sour taste, so they are often used to make fruit juice.


Farmers who plant Sành orange tree need to take care and wait for 1 year for the first time harvesting, then they can harvest monthly. Sành orange is the fastest developing citrus fruits tree compared with others. It can also fight to most of popular fruit worms or plant diseases very well. Normally, 1kg of Sành orange is about 3 fruits. Moreover, farmers can harvest fruit from a Sành orange tree around 10 years in the same quality of the fruit.

If you have Sành orange tree in your garden, it would give your family a great cool shadow and many cool glasses of orange juice.

2. Taiwan pear guava

Although Taiwan pear guava has just appeared and grown in Vietnam in recent years, this guava has been highly appreciated by many crop experts as well as consumers because of its very well growth and uniform fruit quality.


The "pear guava" name comes from guava shape looks like a pear fruit when this it's ripe. Pear guava smells very good , crunchy when eating and has attractive sweet taste.

In the first harvesting time, the pear guava need 8 months to bloom flower and 2 more months for ripe fruit.

3. Thailand Jackfruit named “Changai”

“Changai” is a very high productivity and economic value jackfruit (around 100 fruits per harvesting season). This jackfruit tree has fruits whole year so farmers will not be worry about harvesting time. In the other hand, it is very easy to plant “Changai” jackfruit, it helps farmer saving time in taking care and harvesting.


"Changai" jackfruit has to spend 18 months for the 1st harvesting. However with a big quantity of fruit in one tree and each jackfruit up to 20 kg, this jackfruit is totally short-time-fruit-tree has perfect productivity.

We hope that you can choose one kind of suitable fruit tree following the 3 kinds of short-time-harvest fruit trees above for your business.

Thank you for following us.

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