Experience sharing: How best to preserve honey effectively

People knows that honey is not only an expensive nutritious food but also a remedy which has many miraculous uses from the cure of physical illness to the spirit.

In normal life, honey is used as a magical remedy to protect human health from sore throat, colds, cough, digestive diseases and more. Honey can be used to protect wound from infections, to fade scars and skin treatment thank to its many strong anti-inflammatory.

In addition, daily using honey  as a nutritional food also helps  to prevent aging and keep fresh mood with good health as well.

Because of variety of uses, the need of using honey will be very high. In fact, it is not easy to buy a good quality honey so people love to buy much for keeping. The question is how long can keep honey? and how to o preserve honey effectively for long time?

In this sharing, we will show you some useful information about honey clearly and simply!  

  • How long we can reserve honey before losing uses and nutrition?

Many people think that the longer keeping honey the better tasty and more nutritious. But it is completely wrong because honey is kept too long, it’s nutrients will be faster decomposed, this process make the honey's taste less strong and more sweet than original. That is the reason why people feel it more tasty, in fact it less nutritious than new one.

Anyway, the best advice for reserving honey is only 2 years for natural forest-honey and 3 years for normal honey (bees is cared and collected honey by human).

  • How best to preserve honey?

Using bottles and jars is the most everyone common choice. So what is the best kind of bottles or jars can be used?

For this question, glass bottles will be the first choice, because of good quality, nice to be a gift and convenient for daily using.

In addition, plastic one is also an other choice. However, you must use the high quality standards plastic bottle for food safety and hygiene. Remember to clean bottle before containing honey.

Why using plastic bottles? Because it must be cheaper, saver space and easier to move than the glass bottle.

Tip: after bottle-packing, the best condition to preserve honey is about cool places with temperatures from 21 to 26 degrees Celsius (normal cool temperature).

There are some restrictions when preserving honey as:

  • Do not let honey come into sunlight directly.

  • Must use cloth or cardboard before placing honey on the floor or ground.

  • Do not  preserve honey in refrigerator (will create sugar).

  • Do not put honey near high-temperature places in the house.

Hope this article can help you to know how best to preserve honey effectively.

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