Daily tasty disk: How to cook tasty Vietnamese prawn hot pot

Món ngon mỗi ngày: Hướng dẫn cách nấu lẩu tôm ngon

Seafood is always everyone favorite dish, specially prawn. Prawn appears whole year and can be used to cook from dry dish to pot dish. Prawn provides a lot of nutritions, has very good tasty but it's price is not expensive (except the luxury one as lobsters). That the reason why it is usually cooked for family's daily dishes. Today, we will show you how to cook a tasty Vietnamese hot pot with prawn.

The first step is must choosing fresh cooking ingredients!

You should choose still alive prawn for sure the taste will be sweet, fresh and best quality.

Món ngon mỗi ngày: Hướng dẫn cách nấu lẩu tôm ngon

Here is the recipe:

Choosing fresh prawn: the simple way is making sure prawn still alive by touching them and seeing prawn can move partly or whole body. To check the died prawn still fresh or not you can stretch the body of the shrimp from the tail. If the distance between joints is the more shorter the more fresher, the more longer the less fresher (no more nutrition providing). Prawn without any leg, dark color prawn or smell bad one can not be used because it was rotten (has been died for long time).

Repairing ingredients: to cook Vietnamese prawn hot pot, except prawn we also have tomatoes, chili, onion, pineapple, hot pot spices, mint body, banana flower, okra, spinach, white mustard, bitter vegetables and so on. Depending on the number of people eating, you can prepare the rations accordingly!

(if you like, you can cook prawn with pork ribs, squid and clams.)

Cleaning step:

Cooking hot pot, we need cleaning prawn into water and prawn cover will be kept then cut it shorter for being easy when eating.

Other ingredients also need to be clean and cut in cubes.

Cooking step:

  • Heating water to make hot pot soup (usually 1 liter of water for 2 or 3 persons, the amount of soup can be used depending on amount of people).

  • Put tomatoes, onion minced chili, ribs (to make soup more sweet and strong) into the pot, season the seasoning such as fish sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate (or seasoning powder) until you feel tasty, or you can also use a hot pot spices packet which is available at convenience stores and supermarkets.

  • Waiting until hot soup up to 100% degree, put all vegetables then prawn into the soup. Waiting 1 to 2 more minutes, it can be eaten.

  • Eat this hot pot with egg noodle, shrimp noodle or Vietnamese white noodle (it called "Bún") are all very delicious.

Following these very simple steps above, you can cook a very delicious Vietnamese prawn hot pot! Let’s go to your kitchen right now!


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