A wine-fan have to try the special "6 Tia" Plum Wine

As usual, good wines are always made from pure rice or some familiar fruits, but there is a special wine with the brand "6 Tia" in Vietnam is made from the An-Phuoc-plum and Vietnam Pink-peach-plum. This is a famous wine in the West of Vietnam because of its extremely delicious and healthy taste. Moreover, it is very suitable for making gifts.

It can be said that the West region of Vietnam is extremely famous with wines which are derived from fruits such as grapes, rhodomyrtus tomentosa, curry, banana, gooseberry… These wines are popular because they can be brewed easily at home.

Each type of fruit which used to make wine could represent their unique origin for example grapes from Da Lat, banana-seeds from Ben Tre, forest fruits in Phu Quoc Island (Kien Giang) ... so the tastes will ve very different and unmistakable. Now, Can Tho city - the land of many fruit trees is also appeared in the list thanks to a new, quite delicious and very unique wine named "Plum Sau-Tia wine".

In 2006, Mr. Nguyen Phu Tia called Sau Tia who lives in Tan Loc island countryside, Thot Not district, Can Tho city, Vietnam has researched and successfully prepared this unique plum wine by more than 6 years of tinkering and adjusting.

Since then, the plum wine named after Mr. 6 Tia with the special taste of the Mekong Delta has played an important role in promoting people in the Mekong Delta region in general and Can Tho in particular, to visitors everywhere.

A brief overview about Plum Wine's materials

The famous plum fruit  from An Phuoc area is often harvested at ripe fruit, so it has a characteristic aromatic flavor - and it is also the secret of Mr. Sau Tia to make plum wine.


That plum wine is produced in a manual process prepared by cooking method without soaking step, because the production process is a mixture of fermented raw materials was cooked for making alcohol. 6 Tia plum wine does not use any chemicals or flavoring in making process. Specially, Plum wine when keeping for the longer the better, the more intense the taste.

Many customers shared that, if you want to enjoy this wine in the most charming way, it should be chilled before drinking. It will be more delicious.

Plum wine 6 Tia does not cause headaches after drinking so you can rest assured for a new day of work. In addition, with good effects such as helping to support digestion, do not make people tired, headache, and suitable for both men and women ... this is really a good wine to use in the family.

Try feeling a glass of spicy plum wine with a sweet plum taste next to relatives and friends is indeed nothing can match. If you haven't tried it yet, please come to the West of Vietnam to enjoy it !

Thank you for following us.


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