How to get ready high quality abalone for fresh Abalone porridge dish


Abalone is a nutritious seafood which is considered as the best products using in culinary arts. Let's find out how much nutrient inside abalone and how to use it for nutritious dishes.


Abalone is belong to sea snail branch. It has different Vietnamese names as "Bao ngu", "Hai Nhi" or " Oc Khong".  Abalone lives many in Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean (usually very much at very deep reefs). In Vietnam, abalone appears around South Central Coast and islands.

From the past, abalone is known as rare luxury previous food which only serve for royal members because of very high nutritious value and very difficulty harvesting way.

According to nutritionists researched, abalone can help human to prevent and support the treatment of neurasthenia, enhance vision and reduce joint and bone diseases, etc.

Here is the recipe of cooking fresh Abalone porridge how to be good tates and nutritious.

  • Cooking ingredients:

  • Pig bone

  • Rice

  • Onions, scallions, cilantro

  • Fresh abalone

  • Mushrooms (fungus, shiitake mushrooms, ...), carrots, ...


Step 1: preparing ingredients


- Wash pork bones and soak in salt water for about 15 minutes then let's it drain.

- Wash rice into water , then drain it.

- Cut in cubes or strands all mushrooms and carrots.

- Wash fresh abalone, take it out of cover and slice ​​thinly. Then marinate in a little of salt and pepper.

Step 2: tunnel pork bone in soup

After washing, tunnel pork bones and big onion into water to make soup (onion helps to lose bone's bloody smelling). Tunnel all with small fire until the soup crystal-clear. Then remove all onion and bone, only keep the soup to use.

If you don't eat pork, could change to chicken bone soup.

Step 3:  Use pork bone soup cooked to make abalone porridge


Roasted rice until it smells good in a cooker (Don't let it turn into yellow). Then put pork bone soup into cooker to boil the rice until it turn into porridge.

Step 4: Complete the nutritious fresh abalone porridge

Put abalone, mushrooms, carrots prepared into the porridge then cook all until everything cooked.

Step 5: Enjoy the porridge in right way


Scoop porridge into the bowl, sprinkle with a little grinded pepper and cilantro on the porridge. Do not wedge directly into the porridge pot, should let's the eater wedge salt or fish sauce following their hobby.

Hopefully, the recipe of cooking fresh Abalone porridge with pork bone stew will help you get a new nutritious dish for your  family menu. You can optionally reduce rice to get the desired dilution of porridge. In addition, if you use canned abalone, you should use the attached soup in the box to cook with your porridge disk.

Thank you for following us.

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