The need of daily meals


From children to adult, people usually has 3 main meals a day such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each meal will be used different foods, however these meals will be launched at permanent time every day. Have you ever wonder about why is that? In this article you will find out some information that you need.

To maintain life and supply enough energy to perform daily activities, we need to be energized calorie and nutrient continuously and fully. Therefore, a reasonable healthy diet is absolutely necessary. However, each person's nutritional need is completely different. Nutritional needs will change based on different age, gender, level of physical activities and health statuses. To have enough calories perfectly, each person needs to ensure the balance of the diet by combinating four main food groups reasonable. These food groups are carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals and water.

In general, the necessity of daily meals is a combination of different foods in meal how to supply nutrient and calorie adapted to the specific needs of the body.


Normally, people have 3 main meals a day and other side meals depending on each person's need.


This is the first meal for beginning a new day with activities and work after a night slept. According to experts, breakfast is the most important meal of day, is also the foundation to ensure the energy supplied to whole body. Breakfast not only provides energy but also helps to wake human mind and stimulate metabolism which has slowed down when sleeping.

After half day of working, people spent a lot of energy, so they need to recharge energy for the afternoon. If you feel hungry, that means you can not ignore your lunch. Because then, a large amount of gastric juice will be released in stomach but there is no food to digest. This status happens in long time, it will cause you to have stomach ulcers.

Dinner help you to compensate for the energy lost after a working day and provide enough calorie for rest time and night sleeping. However, many nutritionists say that dinner is the cause of many different diseases. It is true, but not entirely. If you leave your stomach empty, you will not be able to provide enough energy needed at night. At that time, your body will react to this, the make you difficult to sleep.

Anyway, A standard meal is encapsulated in the following this sentence: "Breakfast for yourself, lunch for friends and dinner for the enemy". In other words, we will eat a lot in the morning, less at noon, and very little at dinner. Don't eat too much at night because it is the way to make income for your doctor.

Finally, the necessity of meals during a day is indisputable. You should not perfunctory eat, should pay more attention to the rationality and coordination of a variety of foods to protect your health as well.

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