Way to preserve vegetables and fruit in longer time


In the busy life, many people like to buy and preserve foods for whole week. By the normal way preserving, around 3 days, vegetables and fruits will be less fresh for cooking. However, you just only need to change your daily preserving habit, you will preserve food longer than before. Here is some ways.

  1. Individual preserving (by classification)


Every different kind of vegetable and fruit has different time being ripe and rotten. That's why we have to classify them following  the same type to prevent the bad effect of rotten vegetables or rotten fruits to other fresh ones.

    2. Cold preservation (1 to 4 degrees Celsius)

From 1 to 4 degrees Celsius, this is the best temperature range for preserving fruits and vegetables. In this temperature range,  the growth and development of bacterias will be inhibited. Over 4 degrees Celsius, bacteria works hard, fastly multiply, causing fruits to spoil quickly. Less than 1 degree C, vegetables will be frozen, when using if we thaw, we would make them wilt faster and its taste no longer fresh and delicious as before.

    3. Keep vegetables and fruits totally dry when preserving by fridge

Washing vegetables and fruits by water before refrigerating, high humidity would  make them susceptible to damage. So If you wash vegetables first, you have to let them totally dry then you can put into fridge.

    4. Using plastic food wrap film


This action prevents vegetables and fruits from losing moisture when put into the refrigerator, and help to keep vegetables fresher longer. This is an exactly popular way to preserve vegetables and fruits.

However, some products such as mushrooms or easily viscous vegetables, we should use dry paper to package. If we put directly into the  food wrap film, they would be easily bogged because of high humidity and squash.

5. Some ways to preserve vegetables and fruits belong to different specific types

- Vegetables such as cabbage, sweet vegetables, water spinach, ... should be washed and drained out of water, then wrapped in food-wrapped paper or newspaper before putting in the refrigerator. Note: Vegetables in totally dry status will last longer.

- Types of tubers such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions, ginger, ... should be stored in dark places, preferably in dark wrappers. They have to be protected from sunlight, because sunlight makes them germinate and affect to human health when using them.

- Succulent fruits should be wrapped with a plastic wrap then put in the refrigerator to prevent them from wilt by losing water .

- After slicing ​​onions or potatoes, we need to cover the cut face with a paper towel and put it back in a plastic zipper bag.

These are ways to preserve vegetables for a long time. You can apply it to keep the product fresh longer when you have to buy and preserve for a busy week!


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